Xtrem Aventure

Xtrem Aventure

Monkey-ing About at Xtrem Aventure Park

Our indomitable cub reporter Samson Wilkinson (aged nine), brings his own unique style of reportage to a morning spent at the Xtrem Aventure Park in Chalong near the Big Buddha.

Corrr….wow… fantastic!!

I’ve just had the bestest weekend ever. I went to the Xtrem Aventure Park last Saturday and spent the morning swinging about in the trees on all sorts of amazing pulleys, rides, harnesses and even something called a “Flying Fox” although I think a “Flying Samson” would have been a better description!!

We arrived at 10am and climbed up the steep hill above the colorful Luang Pu Suppha Temple below the Big Buddha on the mountainside. The views over Phuket are great and the forest here has lots of big trees and birds and it’s quiet and lovely….or it was until I arrived!

The instructors greeted us and gave us lots of careful information about how to wear the harness; clip onto the ropes; use our pulley and then have fun on all the adventure stations that are up in the trees. I felt great and really grown up with my safety helmet and all my gear on and after the training session it was time to head up into the treetops to begin my great monkey-ing adventure. Yeah!!!!!

There are 69 different adventure stations, arranged into four levels of difficulty in the trees….Blue 1 and Blue 2 which are easier, then Red which is a bit more difficult and then Black which is challenging and which I will come back to do once I have grown a bit more.

There’s also the Accro Spider section with 21 stations with netting under all of them so you don’t need a harness and even little kids of five can go on the stations.

I started on the first level Blue 1 course with my guide who was called ‘Boy’ just like I am! It was fantastic and I did lots of climbs, jumps, slides, walks across ropes and tiny platforms and then the great ‘Flying Fox’. I got more confident and better at balancing and knowing what to do, so then I went on the Blue 2 and finally the Red course.

We were there all morning and stopped for some food and coffee in the wooden restaurant overlooking the quiet valley…..but only for a couple of minutes because I just wanted to keep monkey-ing about in those trees all day.

Yeah brilliant….when can we come back Dad??

Safety at Xtrem Aventure Park

Xtrem Aventure is a French company that pioneered treetop adventure parks from 2005 onwards. There are now over 600 such parks in France and all the installations in the Phuket park are constructed to the same exacting international standards and testing.

All the installations are continuously assessed by an independent professional company – Ceres Control France (www.cerescontrol.fr)

Regular checks are performed by a botanical expert to insure that fitting adjustments are made whenever necessary to preserve the health of the park’s environment.

Before accessing the games, customers receive a thorough briefing and training explaining all the safety rules that they will have to respect scrupulously

The customers must wear proper shoes (sport shoes style) and must be in good physical and mental condition.

Phuket Xtrem Aventure Park

T. Chalong, A. Muang, Phuket 83000

Tel/Fax : +66 (0)76 383 689

Mobile : +66 (0)81 536 8909

E-mail : info@xtremadventuresphuket.com

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