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AIP_1485Brain is the central commander of the whole body system, but not many people are concerned about how to maintain or extend its sharp functionality by healing and practicing routinely. Bangkok Hospital Phuket’s Brain Health Institute has comprehensive brain health screening as well as effective interventions along with high technology to offer you a healthy and well-managed brain that will last much longer.

As the lifestyle of people in the modern world has changed, medication has developed and people can averagely live longer than in the past; the number of people who has brain problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or Parkinson’s disease, can be found more as the brain degenerates earlier than the body.

AIP_1664The Brain Health Institute at Bangkok Hospital Phuket is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and boasts profound brain health screening and enhancement. At length, there is a five-day program that can help boost brainpower while increasing brain cells, which will give a stunning result from the inside out with three parts of the Brain Health program to follow.

Firstly, the pre-assessment that includes Lab Tests such as a blood test, urine test, Alzheimer Genetic Risk Test. It was found that people carrying Alzheimer genetics possibly had about 2.5 times more risk to get Alzheimer’s disease than usual. Also included is a Sleep Lab that records many factors such as brain waves, risk of sleep apnea, snoring, which can affect the flowing of oxygen to the brain. Another highlight test is the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study (MRI) that can measure brain volume, or the size of hippocampus –the bigger, the better. Recent studies have also found that certain protein in the brain –beta-amyloid– is also present in the retina, and that it correlates to chances of having Alzheimer’s. This can serve as a trigger-point exam in light of early brain health care and enhancement.

AIP_1628After the detailed process above, the results will let the client know if the next step is recommended or not. And here comes the second part -a comprehensive intervention program, complete with full sensory stimulation and neuroplasticity exercise. An obvious change is expected after the brain gets boosted.

During those five days at the institute, the atmosphere around is set to stimulate the brain to work. Food and nutrition control is created for a long-term healthy lifestyle as the food made at the venue is done according to the specific needs of each individual in such a way to minimize allergy and fulfill vital nutritional requirements all under the baton of five-star experienced chefs. A cooking class is also set to teach how to create delicious and nutritious home-made cuisine.

AIP_1498Proper exercise is also an important factor to enhance the brain health. The institute provides a gym room for walking, running, cycling with an expert personal trainer as well as yoga and meditation classes by an expert coach that absolutely helps keep the right way to inhale and exhale.
A functional brain exercise is also a training program here. The cognitive training class is moderated by an expert psychologist who creates tests and questionnaires that reflect the function of the brain such as the quiz that requires memory, fast response and logic.

Another star technology of the institute is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, a transparent sleeping capsule that supplies pure oxygen to relax the brain and develop brain cells in the long term.
Besides the full-course treatment program, this so-called sanctuary provides a sleek and smart accommodation to delight all the clients.

AIP_9383The rooms are beautifully decorated in white and blue, the most eye and brain friendly color while the hidden light on the ceiling can be changed to many different shades at will. The comfortable room offers all decent amenities like a resort for a nice stay with a queen to king size bed covered with delicate and healthy bedding while the scent of mild lavender is released from an aroma pot ensuring the sleep will go smoothly.

After the full-course treatment comes the third part as post-assessment, i.e. another analyzing step must be done to see the difference as the institute will provide a wristband for a distance follow-up from home. The client can be checked for any unhealthy sign remotely, and as soon as the alert shows, an agent from the institute will give a phone call to step up the discipline.

The price for brain health check-up at the Brain Health Institute, Bangkok Hospital Phuket starts from 34,000 THB.
For further information, please call 1719 or contact

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