Without My Morning Coffee and Bagel, I Wouldn’t Make it Through the Day!

Without My Morning Coffee and Bagel, I Wouldn’t Make it Through the Day!

Without My Morning Coffee and Bagel,
I Wouldn’t Make it Through the Day!

Sound Familiar?

After awakening most of us typically drink a cup of coffee to kick start the day along with a sugary pastry. Even though Starbucks now stocks their shelves with healthy snacks, most of us will still choose a donut to dunk in our morning caffeine kick, but in less than hour or two, we are already craving another cup and another snack to eat. By lunchtime you’re becoming damn right jittery. After packing down a burger, coke and fries, you return to work to begin the afternoon suddenly feeling very tired again, craving more sweets, and having a hard-time removing your head from your desk.

If you’re wondering why this happens there’s good reason and it has do with our body’s response to eating carbohydrates especially simple carbs like pastries, breads, pastas, and sweets. It also has to do with an important hormone called “insulin” secreted by the pancreas.

The purpose of insulin is to help remove sugar from the blood stream after you’ve eaten a meal containing carbohydrates. Insulin also helps to promote growth, sugar storage for later use and the formation of fats and proteins. Insulin functions by binding to receptor sites on the muscle and fat cells to help open up channels to allow the transfer of glucose, the fundamental unit of carbohydrate, into the cells for energy conversion. Insulin is released after it detects a certain level of glucose in the bloodstream. The only problem is that insulin levels remain high even though blood sugar levels return to normal after consuming the meal. With insulin hanging around it makes us crave more sugar.

Unfortunately for some of us who continue along this path, we become insulin resistant, meaning that the cells will not respond to insulin therefore not allowing sugar into the cells. Later this can lead to diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus is a disease of sugar metabolism that is characterized by excessive levels of sugar in the bloodstream. There are actually two types of Diabetes Mellitus; Type I insulin dependent diabetes is caused by damage to the beta cells, whereas Type II non-insulin dependent diabetes is caused by excessive levels of sugar in the blood stream resulting in the cells of the body becoming non-responsive or resistant to insulin.

Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

• Fatigue
• Craving for sugar
• Inability to lose weight
• Constant hunger
• Fatigue after meals
• Migrating aches and pains

Adverse Effects of Chronic Insulin Resistance (Hyperglycemia)

• Eye infections & vascularization
• Excessive urination
• Kidney disease
• Nerve pain, numbness, tingling & pins & needles
• Atherosclerosis
• Vascular lesions
• Susceptibility to infectious diseases
• Pancreatic failure
• Poor digestion
• Increased blood pressure
• Poor circulation
• Increased blood clotting potential
• Increased cholesterol
• Obesity
• Liver disease
• Cancer
• Increased inflammation
• Female hormonal disorders

To stop this disease process and the cravings we need to slow down the amount of sugar we dump into our blood. Simple sugars that do not have a lot of fiber enter the blood stream much more rapidly especially when combined with nicotine and caffeine propelling the sugar even faster.

We need to choose our carbohydrates more wisely, preferably carbs high in fiber and combine them with protein and healthy fats. This includes intermittent snacks between our regular meals that contain all three food types. That way we can slow the insulin response and avoid the extreme peaks and valleys that cause us to roller-coaster throughout the course of the day.

To treat insulin resistance before it enters the diabetic phase, a nutritional supplementation therapy program is of paramount importance.

The author, Dr. Anthony Kell was born in Newcastle, England. He graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1995. He has over 15 year’s clinical experience specializing in sports medicine, therapeutic nutrition & exercise rehabilitation. Over the years, he has provided chiropractic services for San Luis Obispo High School Football teams; University of California San Luis Obispo Track & Field teams; Central California Cypress Ridge & Dairy Creek Golf Teaching Programs. He also taught injury prevention programs for Wells Fargo Bank and United Airlines as well as many more companies both large and small. His practice is located in central Phuket near to Central Festival Shopping Mall at 27/14 Chao Fa Road, Vichit, Phuket. Office phone is 076-612707 or cell 080-530-3376. Web address is www.phuketchiropractic.com.


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