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Monkey God seen flying over Phuket

Monkey God seen flying over Phuket
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 Flying HanumanReports of sightings of weird flying entities over the Kathu Waterfall region of Phuket were at first thought to be the exaggerated ramblings of inebriated revelers returning from late nigh adventures in the Soi Bangla party zone. But closer investigation by our intrepid reporter has uncovered a radical new aerial adventure which you will definitely want to try!

Hanuman is of course the rather naughty and rambunctious Monkey God from the epic Hindu story the Ramayana which is enacted in mythical song and dance as the Ramakien in Thailand. The Hanuman character who liked to fly though the mythical historical forests has been cleverly incorporated into the branding of Phuket’s newest air-borne adventure park named “Flying Hanuman” which is situated on a deeply forested hillside above Soi 6 off of the famous Soi Namtok Kathu….the “waterfall road” in Kathu.

What can you expect when you pay a visit to the Flying Hanuman?

 Flying HanumanYou drive onto a steep hillside car park set within the native trees of the area. You are then greeted by your guide who will take you through the dare-devil aerial rides, but first you are shown a safety video and taken through all the zip lines and modes of attachment and safety mechanisms that will allow you to impersonate an air-borne Simian from an earlier stage of our human evolution. Safety is of course a hugely important part of the adventure and the training and safety procedures are extremely thorough, so much so that kids as young as four, or ageing thrill-seekers of eighty can take part in the adventure. 

The emphasis is also very much on an eco-friendly adventure in which the participants get to experience the upper layers of the rain forest and the mature old growth trees within it in a totally

The zip lines send you zigzagging through the natural maze created by the forest’s heights at speeds of  up to 60 kilometers an hour.

natural way which has no impact on the environment. The zip lines send you zigzagging  through the natural maze created by the forest’s heights at speeds of up to 60 kilometers an hour. In many ways this is a recreation of what it must have been like for our Simian ancestors as they swung about in the arboreal foliage thousands of years ago.

The experience is the most extreme of its kind in Phuket


and so you are accompanied by two guides for each group who help you get the most excitement and thrills from the rides and they also point out all sorts of fascinating ecological and natural wonders for you to savor. You can make the experience “extreme” or relaxing….. all you have to do is tell your guides how you want to play it.

The site itself is huge covering 80,000 square meters of forested land and the entire adventure will take you about two and a half hours to enjoy. So, pre- ooking is very much advised so that you are locked into a specific time slot for your adventure and can arrive accordingly.

Zip lines are the biggest part of the Flying Hanuman adventure and the longest one sends you 400 meters from one side of the site to the other….that’s 60 seconds gliding along with the sea on one side and thick forest on the other! There are also many other fun elements to the experience….sky bridges; a sky rail; dual zip lines to enjoy with a partner, and three spiral staircases. The highest abseil in the adventure drops you down 40 meters no less to the forest floor before you zip line away to the next platform.

Flying Hanuman is all about visiting Adrenalin City….make no mistake about that!

 Flying Hanuman

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