Become a ” Veggie ” the easy way during Phuket’s Vegetarian Festival

Become a ” Veggie ” the easy way during Phuket’s Vegetarian Festival

Sometimes the first step to becoming vegetarian seems huge so why not make it so much easier and a lot of fun during Phuket’s Vegetarian Festival. At this time the island’s supermarkets are packed with colorful, nutritious vegetables and a wide selection of vegetarian foods that are so good for you.

Almost all supermarkets now carry delicious faux meat products. From veggie burgers, hot dogs and nuggets to juicy ribs and steaks the choice is immense and you’d be hard pushed to tell them from the “real thing”, making it even easier to whip up delicious meat-free meals at home. Dining out couldn’t be easier too as these days most restaurants now offer great-tasting, healthy vegetarian alternatives.


Why Become Vegetarian?
1. Cut out the fat. Cut out the meat and you’ll be cutting out a lot of bad fat too. Your body will thank you for it!
2. Protect your body. Poorly stored or prepared meat is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and food poisoning affects millions of people each year, sometimes fatally.
3. Reduce the suffering. It is well-documented about the immense suffering some animals undergo to provide us with the food on our table. By cutting out meat, you’re reducing your involvement in this industry.
4. Save the planet. There are numerous ways that the meat industry harms the environment, from the waste of our natural resources and fuel to the pollution caused by their factories. Go veggie and help save our planet.
5. Power up! A vegetarian diet is packed with nutritious natural food such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains which are essential for a strong mind and body. You’ll feel the benefits with better health, less ill ness and more vitality.

cleanA few suggestions and tips for becoming a vegetarian
• Make vegetarian versions of your favorite meals.
• Explore delicious vegetarian recipes online.
• Try some tasty faux meats and dairy alternatives.
• Discover the amazing variety of meat-free ethnic foods.

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