Getting To Know : Anchana Chulaksanadecha

” It’s all about team work! ” Anchana ‘Gif’ Chulaksanadecha

Utopia is a big name in the field of property and you might have heard about or seen their projects as they are pretty much everywhere in Phuket. Khun Anchana ‘Gif’ Chulaksanadecha, Managing Director of the Utopia Construction Group and Di-rector of Utopia Development, has given us a brief background about the company and some interesting perspectives on it.

How did Utopia begin in Phuket?
We studied the needs of investors, both Thais and foreigners, and found out that real estate and hotel industry investments were still in high demand so we got the idea to start the Utopia projects in Phuket.

Who are the target customers of Utopia?
All investors who want to invest in real estate and the hospitality industry.

What are the outstanding points of the Utopia group’s projects?
There are several Utopia projects across the island to serve the needs of customers in different locations. We always build and finish the projects within the promised deadline. We also guarantee at least 10% profit to the investors in terms of rental. If the investors speculate on the profit from selling the property, we can guarantee that our properties can be sold on at a greater price.

The ‘goes green’ trend has been playing an important role in most businesses, how do you adapt to this trend for the Utopia projects?
For the construction and design of Utopia projects, we are highly concerned about the environment. We try to keep as much original green space as possible in every project we build.

What is the interior theme of Utopia’s projects?
Every project of Utopia is designed under the theme ‘Tropical & Modern’, which matches with Phuket’s weather and landscape.

What is the management strategy of Utopia?
Before starting Utopia, the group’s management team dedicated six years to studying and researching. We have learned that one person can’t make everything perfectly so we focus on teamwork and put the right person for the right job, such as construction, laws, design, sales & marketing and hotel management, which yields higher results all together. It’s all about team work.

Recent and upcoming Utopia projects?
Currently we have two projects that are completed and launched, which are the Utopia Kata in Kata Beach and Utopia Villa in Nai Harn Beach, while the Utopia Condo will be finished in a few months, followed by Utopia Loft, which is the next project, all in the area of Nai Harn.

Tel +66 62 887 8774

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