Getting to know : Dr.Orawan Kitchawengkul

An expert in holistic medicine with Western and Eastern influences and well respected in her field for 28 years, Dr. Orawan now offers a wide range of services focusing on beauty and good health. 

Tell us about your background and the beginning of the Dr. Orawan brand?
After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, I became Board Certified in Dermatology from Ramathibodhi Hospital; Laser Surgery from Mahidol University, and Phototherapy and Cell Therapy at institutions in the US, Singapore, Switzerland. The first Dr. Orawan Clinic opened in 1988 in Bangkok initially only as “Dr. Orawan Laser Skin Center”.

I thought offering only conventional medicine treatments wasn’t the ultimate solution, so I studied more about Thai and Chinese Traditional Medicine, Acupuncture and Energy Medicine from China & Europe. I also finished my master degree in homeopathy in the UK. After, I was American Board Certified in Anti-aging Medicine, Nutritional Wellness and Phytochemical therapy from BVRC.

Dr. Orawan Skin and Anti-Aging Center opened at Bangkok Hospital, Phuket 18 years ago, and then I opened this institute. The anti-aging treatments with conventional hormones risk to cause cancer if taken over a long period, so I formulated extracted herbal remedies which would work well on all patients.Later, a lab was set up for deep check-ups through hormones and genes to facilitate the anti-aging treatment starts.

What are the services at the institute and its outstanding points?

The Institute offer three categories; wellness, anti-aging and beauty. For wellness, the newest challenge has already been. We have a botanical chemotherapy innovation to cure illnesses that conventional medicines can’t completely such as SLE, Cancer, Renal Failure and Allergies. We only use natural products that stimulate the patient’s body creating immunity agents which last forever.

A botanical chemotherapy from Noni is created as an effective solution for cancer, attacking only bad cells, not like chemotherapy that causes hair to fall, vomiting and low immunity. Patients from overseas, through word of mouth, are taking the treatment and getting good results.
For anti-aging, we have the latest product we co-branded with an institute in France, “AGE Breaker”. It’s approved by many countries Food and Drug Administrations, won an anti-aging innovation prize in 2013 and available around the world.

The most popular flora for anti-aging is rosemary. Rosemarinic Acid created for our anti-aging product protects sugar from reacting with protein, which protects protein from decaying, and protects against diseases and disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Gastric ulcers and Atherosclerosis.
Holistic services range from thread face lifting, weight loss,hair transplant, beauty surgery, mind, spirit, anti-aging and more. All services guarantee pleasant and outstanding results. The equipment is all high quality, and we are innovative for using natural herbs in all our products.

What’s the future for the institute?

There will be hundreds of Dr. Orawan clinics and Orawana shops. I am planning for small clinics in communities around the country for basic supplements and check-ups.

We’ll also set up a laboratory and give suggestion to patients. There will also be Orawana Wellness and Beauty Shop with three sizes, S, M and L selling healthy food and supplements, providing lab check-ups and easy beauty and wellness treatments.

The first S project will open at Sukumvit Road in Bangkok, then around the world. Operators from Maldives, Japan, Europe and Arub World have already contacted about franchises.

Dr.Orawan Holistic Beauty and Anti-Aging Institute
92/3,92/4 , 1st floor, Moo 2, Kohkaew,Muang, Phuket 83000
Tel: +66 (0)76 540649 , +66 (0)76 510369

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