Getting to know : Kochakorn Chaiyabutr

Tiger Kingdom’s roaring stronger for its 5th birthday!

The one and only Tiger Kingdom has just celebrated its 5th anniversary on July 15 and is ready to roar even stronger in the future. Khun Kochakorn Chaiyabutr, Managing Director of Tiger Kingdom, has shared her vision, mission and how this unique attraction is currently doing.


What are the most outstanding points for Tiger Kingdom over the past 5 years?

Every single one of our tigers is our pride and they are our most outstanding points. It’s been 5 years that we have been offering our guests a unique and truly breathtaking experience.

We are proud to have created such a caring and safe environment for all our guests as well as our big cats. Our aim is not only to give our guests an adrenaline rush, but also to instill the sense of duty that everyone plays an important role in helping preserve this rare species and their natural environment.


How did Tiger Kingdom celebrate its anniversary with the customers?

We owe a lot of our success to the tour guides, tour agents and drivers of Phuket so we held a big ‘thank you’ party for them and some VIP guests;we made donations to hospitals aroundPhuket; and our 5th anniversary coincided with a naming contest for our new cubs,which allowed a lucky visitor to become a part of the Tiger Kingdom family.


How many tigers are currently in Tiger Kingdom Phuket and how does Tiger Kingdom take care of them?

There are 39 tigers in Phuket at the moment. To take care of them we simply give them everything they need; water, food, shelter, enrichment and a lot of love and respect. It sounds easy but our team of veterinarians, nutritionists and animal husbandry technicians put a lot of work into ensuring that our tigers stay in good health,physically and mentally.


What has made Tiger Kingdom run smoothly for the past 5 years?

I think that treating everyone as family, including the tigers, has been a big contributing factor to our success. We are the ‘Tiger Kingdom Family’; my staff know that they can always come to me for help, be it personal or professional. My door is always open, and my phone is always on in case my staff need me.


What have you learned from the experience of the past 5 years? How will Tiger Kingdom develop in the near future and what will be the mission and direction from now on?

We have learned that understanding the customers is paramount. For this reason, our future will see redevelopments in the park, with the addition of more activities for our guests which will focus on education and conservation.

We also have plansto build a tiger hospital in Chiang Mai. Will we work closely with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine from Chiang Mai University to allow intern doctors to work and train with tigers and our specialists.

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