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Kanokpat Hongsakultanachot

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Kanokpat  Hongsakultanachot
Professional for Semi-Permanent Make up at Kanokpat Beauty Art

Having started her career as a Phuket-based news anchor, Ms Kanokpat soon discovered a passion for the art of beauty and now owns a successful
business, Kanokpat Beauty Art where various kinds of semi-permanent make up are available for beauty enhancing.

What is your background and how did you become a beauty instructor?
I was a news anchor and at that time put on make-up to give myself thicker eyebrows. Then I found out about 3D eyebrow tattoos and went to Bangkok to get some.Later, I returned to Bangkok to learn how to do them, and after finishing the course started making eyebrow tattoos for friends. Five years later the business was going so well I decided to do this as a full time career.

What services does Kanokpat Beauty Art currently offer?
I started with the 3D eyebrow tattoos and later learned enough to allow me to create many types of eyebrow tattoo based on customer requirements.
I then learned about other semi-permanent make-up including eyeliner tattoos, lips tattoos and cheek blush tattoos. I also do nipple tattoos; hairline tattoos, tattoo touch-ups, Camouflaging, Remover, Color Correction and training courses.

We’ve heard there are special choices for specific customers. What are they?
I will soon be one of the first Thai businesses in South East Asia to offer paramedical tattoos which help fix scars, stretch marks, hare lip or lose nipples as a result of breast cancer operations. This service will be available in the near future as I am still studying it. Along with paramedical and semi-permanent make up, I do tattoos that follows Chinese beliefs about elements in people aka Wuxing. There are five elements; earth, metal, fire, gold and wood and according to the birth year and date of each person. For this eyebrow tattoo, I will check the birthday, the element and the fortune of the customers and they will get the eyebrow tattoos tailor made for them.

What is the outstanding point of Kanokpat Beauty Art?
Our concept is beauty and safety. The products we use are certified. The colour we use contains only 0.04 per cent of iron oxide which is the standard approved by the US Government. The products we use have also passed FDA, EU Testing and MRI. We care for our customers and wish the best result for them.

What is your suggestion for those who want to make any type of semi-permanent make up?
Skill, experience, hygiene standard and ethics are important factors to check before making a decision. Be careful of the products which contain cadmium as they can cause skin cancer and other allergic reactions. Make sure the person who does it is certified.

What is your future plan for the business?

My goal for now is to manage the existing shop and take care of the students learning from me. I expect to increase the number of people who can offer quality beauty art work and respect the standard of hygiene and safety. Paramedical tattoos are very new in this region so I am doing a case study on those at the moment. Beauty art work will change the lives of many people by enhancing parts of their body they want to hide.

Kanokpat Beauty Art

18/17 Komarapaj Rd., Muang, Phuket 83000
Tel: +66 (0)76 236665, +66 (0)80 544 6665

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