Mark Manajira: Attorney at Law Chula Company Limited

Mark Manajira: Attorney at Law Chula Company Limited

‘Your Legal Protection and Prosperity Partner’

LIFE in Thailand can sometimes be confusing for overseas visitors and foreign residents and never more so than when dealing with the Thai legal system and the Thai police. Obvious language problems are always there but, more importantly, cultural differences can be quite bewildering, even to long-term residents. Great to hear then of a new service that is being offered by the Law Chula Company in Phuket. Law Chula was established on Phuket in 2007 but Khun Mark has provided legal professional services under the name of “Mark Attorney International Law Office” in Phuket since 1997 and has already developed a wide experience of the island workings and a wide base of satisfied clients.

I was recently lucky enough to meet with the delightful Mark Manajira, the Owner and Lead Attorney at Law Chula, and he explained the aims of this new and very welcome service.

Mark is a proud adopted son of Phuket and his family has owned a small hotel here for very many years. A law graduate from the prestigious Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, he worked for a few years in Bangkok and also managed a two year stint of work and study in New York, before finally settling down in Phuket.

He observed the problems experienced by foreign visitors with the Thai legal system and consulted with clients and colleagues before coming up with a really innovative and long overdue method to ease some of these concerns. Mark is a man of great integrity and a real concern that visitors should get only a very positive feeling from their visit here and should not be frustrated or confused by their legal rights and obligations. His solution was to launch a ‘Prepaid Legal’ service that offers a basic 15-day service term with three levels of coverage – Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers.

The new scheme works like an insurance policy for holiday visitors, giving them 24-hour cover by phone, e-mail or in person with a trusted and highly experienced Thai lawyer with whom they can communicate easily in the English language. As most island residents have learned, the safest and smoothest resolution to legal disputes is to act quickly and to secure the best possible advice and the very best translation of Thai language documents. Rates and services are clearly spelled out in their bright new website “” and the fees are certainly a very small price to pay for such peace of mind!

Law Chula have already launched this ‘Prepaid Legal’ service in Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi provinces and Mark is working on extending this service to include foreign residents, who would require year-by-year coverage.

The old adage that “prevention is better than cure” was never more relevant and, as a foreign resident myself, I would be happy to join such an innovative new legal protection service system.

Following on from this new legal service, Mark has also set up another really useful post management system for both short and long term residents. The ‘Phuket Postbox (PPB)’ is operated by My Box Co., Ltd., also owned by Law Chula Company and located at the same address. They provide a very reliable month-by-month service with a variety of facilities tailored to recipients’ needs.

Over the last twenty years the pace of development in Phuket and the south have brought many benefits, but also quite a few problems and miscommunications. From the beginning Mark and his colleagues experienced numerous problems that should not have been allowed to happen to their clients. Damage, loss and personal rights issues were often the result of seemingly small issues of post going astray or not being dealt with in a timely fashion. Failure to understand the correct implications of official documents, particularly in the case of foreign clients and foreigners married to Thai nationals have so often resulted in unnecessary litigation that should never have been allowed to escalate to legal disputes.

Phuket Postbox provides the perfect postal solution for those busy people who demand privacy and ease of communication whilst feeling secure on their frequent travels. The recipient will obtain basic services when renting out a postbox, including swift notification of incoming documents and there are many additional services that the postbox holder can also sign up for at a small additional cost. The recipient may also instruct PPB to scan, destroy, translate, forward or settle bills and services as notified. Recipients can pick up documents and postage at the office every day, except Sundays, from 8.30 am – 5.00 pm and you can check out their full range of rates and services at their website, www.

Mark Manajira is a really nice guy. Dynamic and interesting and with a real desire to make life a whole lot easier for foreign residents and tourists and definitely a tried and trusted friend to keep on your speed dial.

Mark Attorney Internation Law Office 17/20 Moo 5 Pra Phuket-Kaew Rd. Tumbal Ka-thu. Amphur Ka-thu. Phuket 83120 Tel & Fax. 086-471-4594

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