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Getting to Know – Eric Canham

by Theguidephuket
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Last month, we had the pleasure to sit down with a talented soul singer by the name of Eric Canham, who we saw perform at The Nai Harn Resort, in the southern part of Phuket.

Tell us a bit more about yourself

Eric Canham: I am a singer and songwriter, from South Africa. I’m a self-taught musician (Vocalist), who began singing at a very young age. I come from a Christian religious family. My grandmother from my dad’s side was influential in motivating the family to sing every day during family devotion. Family devotion was a time we would all be still, sing a song or two, and then my grandmother would say a prayer before we all went to sleep.

When and how did you end up in Phuket?

Eric Canham: I was invited to come and perform in Phuket in February 2019 for The Nai Harn Resort. This was a one month contract. I was discovered by the management while I was performing in 2018 at the Nihi Resort in Sumba, which is located east of Bali. The Nai Harn Resort was happy with my performance and they offered me a second contract for the high season (October 2019 until Feb 2020).

Singer Eric Canham - 001In January 2020, I traveled to the Maldives to perform a one month contract there as well for the Fairmont Hotel Sirru Fen Fushi. I returned to Phuket in February 2020 to perform until the 30th of March 2020. But my contract had to end due to Covid regulations. I was scheduled to leave Phuket at the end of March but I ended up stuck here until the beginning of May because my country, South Africa, was under lockdown.

I returned to my home in South Africa and stayed there until October. I have now returned to Phuket, Thailand, and will be here for as long as I am welcome. I love it here.

What style of music do you specialize in? What is your favorite style of music and why?

Eric Canham: I’m an eclectic performer as I sing covers and I enjoy singing a variety of styles. Pop, Jazz, R’n’B, Reggae. I also love jazz and country music.

My repertoire consists of many artists, the likes of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Mink Deville, and many more.

Where can we listen to your voice and when?

Eric Canham: I perform at the Nai Harn Hotel five days a week as the Resident Entertainer, from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm at the Rock Salt Restaurant. On Saturdays, I perform at the Cosmo Restaurant from 12:30 noon till 3:00 pm and then again later for just one more hour at the Rock Salt Restaurant, during happy hour.

Singer Eric Canham - 002What does the future hold for you? Any upcoming plans, in Phuket or elsewhere?

Eric Canham: No specific plans currently, I am writing and recording new original music, which I hope I will release by February 2021.

Finally, tell us one thing you absolutely love about the island, and one thing you wish could be changed or improved.

Eric Canham: I love the weather and the temperament of the people. It’s difficult to think of something that needs to be changed.

Eric’s voice can be heard at the Rock Salt Restaurant and the Cosmo Restaurant, belonging to The Nai Harn Resort, right on the northern part of Nai Harn Beach. For more information about his performances, make sure to follow his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/EricCanhamMusic.

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