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Getting to Know – Malika Kazakova

by Theguidephuket
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If you ever participated in a Phuket event with a live performance, chances are you must have seen the young, beautiful, and talented Malika Kazakova when she was either singing, dancing, or both!

Originally from Kyrgyzstan, Malika relocated to the Pearl of Andaman in 2013 and started her career in dancing performance and singing.

Please let us know more about yourself

Malika Kazakova (M.K.): Since my childhood, I knew that I would be on stage. I saw pictures of myself in my mind, how I would dance, how I would move, and how I would sing. Actually, I do not know whether it was a dream or an aim because I wanted it so much. Now, I am an adult and I am still educating myself and I am still improving my vocals.

Since my childhood, I wanted to be a singer and dancing was my second interest but I was shy, so I blocked my desire. I did sing and dance in my country but I did not do it with complete freedom.

I avoided the stage because I was afraid but now I understand that it was not the fear of the stage, it was the fear of myself, my reaction, and my emotions on the stage. Now, I am professional enough but I still have to work on my skills; I want to go further and further.

Why did you choose Phuket and how is life on the island?

M. K.: I came to Phuket in 2013 and I started to sing and dance here. It was complicated at the beginning because I did not work on my mind. Since I worked with my mind and learned to let it go, I have been freed and I want to show people I am young and talented. It is an exchange of energy in a kind and bright way. All these started in Phuket and Phuket means a lot to me. I love this place. It is like my home.

Getting to Know - Malika Kazakova - 001How did you start to form a band?

M. K.: I started to work at the Palazzo Theatre-Restaurant as a soloist singer, so at the beginning, half of my band was from the theater, some from Russia and some from Ukraine. Now, half of my band is Russian and another half is from Thailand. It’s fun because we speak in Russian, English and also try making Thai conversation as well and we laugh a lot.

I perform as a solo singer as well but when I play with the band, there are different kinds of energy. Sometimes, we have some inner joke on the stage. We just look at each other’s eyes and we understand each other and we can feel each other. It’s like we are a small family.

Tell us about Malika Band

M. K.: What gathers all of us in one band is music and music means love, respect, and gratitude to each other. We practice, connect, talk, understand each other, and love what we do. Everyone in my band loves what they do and I can feel that. We are supporting each other a lot.

We have a huge range of musical energy from smooth jazz, loungy style all the way to more dynamic repertoires. My team and I are very flexible with our clients.

We heard that you wrote some songs as well

M. K.: I have a song that I wrote by myself in the Russian language. It is about love and a special person in my life. Another song is about home. It’s about the desire to get back home because when there was a curfew in Phuket, we could not move anywhere and I felt the inner pressure. I was crying for an hour and then I took a paper and a pen and just wrote this song.

Getting to Know - Malika Kazakova - 002What about belly dancing?

M. K.: It is going great. I am studying and teaching private belly dancing classes. I have the skill but I want to be even more professional and jump into another level of belly dance.

Belly Dancing is special moves that help you to unblock your feminine energy in your body. We are women, though we are from a different culture, we all can decide what we can do. You can enjoy your body. Belly dancing can encourage you to embrace your body. It helps you to unblock your love to yourself. When I’ll be 50 or even 60 years old, I would still be dancing.

What are your future plans?

M. K.: I want to be well-known in the business as a singer, dancer, and entertainer who can also organize entertainment for events in Asia because I strongly believe that Asia is the future.

Should you wish to watch Malika Kazakova amazing performances, make sure to follow her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Malikazakova.

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