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Three scrub recipes from the kitchen

by Theguidephuket
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Looking to have a brighter, smoother and more invigorated skin without spending a fortune on a luxury scrub? Then open your kitchen cabinet and follow along those easy recipes. You can estimate the amount of each ingredient by calculating how much you would need to apply to your body.

1. The Princess Scrub: This pampering scrub recipe has been introduced by HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya when she gave an interview at the show ‘Talk with Toey Tonight’. The scrub gives a sweet scent and softly exfoliate dead epidermis then revitalizes the skin while keeping it smooth and hydrated. The ingredients include Black Sesame powder, Almond (blend to powder), Honey and Coconut Oil.

2. Coffee Lover: This is a recipe I got years ago and always use it when visiting a local herbal steam. This recipe helps exfoliate the skin in a rougher way than the Princess Scrub, thanks to the texture of coffee grains. Apart from the indulging aroma of the ground coffee, this scrub also provides your skin with moisture and high antioxidant agents. The ingredients include Ground Coffee, Natural Yogurt, Honey and Coconut Oil.

3. Oriental Bowl: The name of this scrub recipe comes from the Asian ingredients, which are rice and sesame. For this scrub, I like to use Riceberry. Originated in Thailand, Riceberry is a deep purple whole grain rice that contains a long list of benefits. Using this grainy violet concoction after a shower can help regenerate the skin and make it soft. The antioxidant property in the rice, combined with the natural moisturizer from the blended sesame, yogurt, and honey, make it the ideal recipe for dry skin. You will notice the difference as soon as you rinse it off! The ingredients include Riceberry (blend to power), Sesame (blend to powder), Honey and Yogurt.

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