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Bring yoga in your inner thoughts

by Theguidephuket
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In this article, we’ll explore how to use yoga concepts to explore your inner thoughts and find mindfulness. When was the last time you hung out with yourself and truly enjoyed your own company? Sometimes, the simplest practice is the most advanced; creating a space for yourself, through yourself, and by yourself.

Quite often we hear about how to have a good relationship with others or how to be a good team player. Little do we think of how to have a good relationship with ourselves or the importance of observing the voice inside your head.

The chitter-chatter inside of our mind needs to be tamed. Just like monkeys, they are wild but they can be taught. The truth is, our relationship with ourselves is the foundation of everything. Decluttering the mind is necessary when all that energy and stress we are dealing with have slowly burdened our vitality.

Our simplest quest sometimes is to just slow things down, have compassion for yourself when you are feeling drained or tired. Like our practice, if the sequence makes you feel overwhelmed, listen to your body, take a rest as easy as coming into a child’s pose. Just because you are resting in between the postures doesn’t mean that you are weak or not good enough. Instead, listening to your own body will help you connect back to your energy and eventually you will be connected to your highest forms of intuition.

Next time, when you’re getting deeper into a posture, ask yourself ‘what did I learn along the way?’ , ‘How did I feel when I was in this posture?’ and ‘Did it come from a place of love?’ Write down your feelings or thoughts in a journal or any sort of outlet that helps you connect back to your source. Also, find at least 10 minutes a day to just sit, close your eyes and meditate. From meditation, you can find clarity and stillness nested between the world of confusion. A place where you feel light and be the light. A place where you can shift your perception by taking a step back to observe without judging. The place where you can retrieve from within—the inner peace inside of you.

This article was written by Vasucha Hongyok. Make sure to follow her pages on Facebook at www.facebook.com/vasuchayoga and Instagram @vasuchayoga.

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