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Five Thai food to boost your immune system

by Theguidephuket
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At a moment when being safe and healthy are the keys for all of us to get through this tough time together, staying at home and eat healthy food complemented with some indoor exercises are possibly some of the best activities to do. Here we have listed some immune system-boost menus from that you can easily order via online applications!

Gai Ban Tom Kamin or Chicken Stew with Turmeric

Turmeric, one of the main ingredients, is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Gai Ban, which means free-range chicken, offers a shield to protect you from getting sick. The clear soup with a rich and mild-spicy taste is exceptional and guarantees a feel-good aftertaste!

Food Boost Immune System - 001Gai Pad Khing or Stir-Fried Chicken with Ginger

Another herb that helps fight against inflammation is ginger. The hotness helps reduce sore throat as well as other inflammatory illnesses and possibly, nausea. It is also proven to reduce cholesterol and help with chronic pain. The mellow taste of this savory dish is spiced up by the heat from the ginger and other healthy ingredients, such as garlic, onions, chili, and spring onion.

Pomelo Salad

This refreshing afternoon treat is highly nutritious and low in trans-fat. Pomelo is a food rich in antioxidant compounds. It is also high in vitamin C and fibers. Pomelo can have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties while it also promotes a good heart and offers anti-aging properties. The salad is usually mildly spicy with fresh chili and shallots and blends with ground peanuts, dried shrimps, roasted coconut, and small slices of kefir lime leaves.

Food Boost Immune System - 002Seafood Spicy Salad

Shellfish are a great source of zinc, which helps the immune cells to function as they are supposed to. This salad gathers a combination of prawns, mussels, and squids. It is completed with highly anti-inflammatory herbs and infection guards like garlic and shallots.

Tom Yum Goong

This classic of Thai cuisine is a great source to prevent and cure cold and seasonal flu. Prawn is another shellfish that is rich in zinc. Mushrooms can be added as well and offer a good amount of B vitamins as well as a powerful antioxidant called selenium, which helps to support the immune system and prevent damage to cells and tissues.

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