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A full day rest at Pakpon Relax

by Theguidephuket
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After a rough week going through stress and pollution, your body and mind surely get exhausted. If you are looking for a place to recharge your battery, we recommend a cozy little place named Pakpon Relax, located in Soi Houypru, in Rawai.

The signature of Pakpon Relax is its wooden Thai style house sitting in the middle of the venue, surrounded by a small green garden providing its guests with a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

We ordered fresh coconut water and hot ginger tea to cool down the day before we began to get changed and be ready for the herbal steam room that was set to the perfect temperature. The scent of spices and herbs freshly made every day will certainly calm your soul, pamper your skin, and will also clear your respiratory system and boost your heart strength.

Pakpon Relax Rawai - 003Every weekend, Pakpon Relax also offers a special option with an ice bath. After getting out of the hot steam, we dipped into the freezing ice tub that helps to boost health in many ways, including healing muscle pain, constrict blood vessels, flush waste products, and boosts metabolism.

After a few rounds of herbal steam and ice bath, we used a coffee grain scrub mixed with natural yogurt and honey. Following the hot steam, your pores are open, which is perfect to get exfoliated. This recipe helps stimulate blood circulation, hydrates, soothes and renews the skin. Once the scrub is rinsed off, you will surely feel the difference.

Pakpon Relax Rawai - 002A rest day wouldn’t be complete without a massage. We chose the coconut oil massage that is combined with Thai massage techniques. This massage is well-known for its several health benefits and mixing it with coconut oil is certainly pleasing. Close your eyes and let the therapist eases down your tense body.

After a day well-spent at Pakporn Relax, you will leave fully recharged and ready to tackle the new week without stress and worries.

Pakpon Relax can be found on Houypru Street, in Rawai. Find out more about their prices and promotions on their website at www.pakponrelax.com or on www.facebook.com/PakponRelax.

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