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Thanyapura 360: A next level health check

by Theguidephuket
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Have you been suffering from insomnia? Or do you get distracted by endless anxiety and fatigue? Are you concerned about your ‘work hard, play harder’ lifestyle? Time to try the state-of-the-art health check at Thanyapura Phuket.

This mindful health check program features four main stations where you will meet with four health experts. After completing the registration, which includes questions about our habits and health in general, we were brought to the first expert, Nicole Bravata, Program Director.

Here, we were introduced to the Body Composition Analyzer. After standing on the machine, which looks like a scale with handles on both sides, we received an extensive report, which includes our BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, metabolic age, visceral fat rating as well as segmental analysis, body fat distribution, muscle mass distribution and more.

Nicole made a lifestyle assessment interview based on the form that we filled earlier together with the Body Composition Analysis. At this point, it feels like having a chitchat with a friend who has a deep understanding of health.

Thanyapura 360 Health Check - 001During the consultation, we also took part in an Oligoscan, which is a heavy metals and minerals test. She explained that we should avoid food that contains heavy metals and prioritize food and drinks with minerals. The report provides us with a basis to improve our nutrition.

At the second station, we met with Morgane Quinchon, Nutritionist, who had been briefed by Nicole about my interview and results. She learned that I have insomnia related to stress, as well as a somehow unhealthy lifestyle as a night owl that joins social events often.

After analyzing the results, she provided me with some solid advice about my eating and drinking habit and a plan to help me reach my goal – getting healthier and losing weight.

After a well-deserved, plant-based lunch at their signature restaurant DiVine, it was time to meet with their Physician, Dr. Maytinee Pajongrak, and to go through the Bioscan, a machine that provides with detailed results on your organs, such as your brain, your respiratory system, and your colon.

Thanyapura 360 Health Check - 002It works by having you sit on bare feet on a metal plate and by placing your hands on a metal plate. The machine comes complete with a pulse oximeter on your thumb and a set of electrodes to be placed on your forehead. Each of the organs appears color-coded on the screen, which allows the physician to quickly look at what is wrong or what can be improved in your body. Though my results did not come back as I thought they would be, it was eye-opening to see the clear relationship between the different organs, and their role within our metabolism, thanks to the explanations of Dr. Pajongrak.

The final assessment was the Functional Fitness by Pingping Xu, Sports Coordinator & Fitness Coach. As I had paused my exercise routine for a long time, I could imagine some of the results pretty well. The friendly coach was the last person to see me during this program so she had been informed about all of my results so far.

We made some physical tests to check on my endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. The push-ups were certainly the toughest, as I have not trained my arms in a long time. Pingping made some notes and suggestions on the exercises I should be focusing on and stressed with me that it is never too late to start all over again.

After experiencing the Thanyapura 360, I felt like I have just had a trip walking through every corner of my body and saw how much impact my lifestyle had on my body and mind overall.

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