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The guide to Thai language: Clothing

by Theguidephuket
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Every month, the team of The Guide Phuket gathers some words and categories to help you learn the Thai language. This month, we are talking about clothing and the verbs and adjectives related to shopping.


Sweater – เสื้อกันหนาว Sua Kan Nao
Shirt – เสื้อเชิ้ต Sua Shirt
T-shirt – เสื้อยืด Sua Yeud
Trousers – กางเกง Gang Gaeng
Short – กางเกงขาสั้น Gang Gaeng Ka San
Underwear – ชุดชั้นใน Choot Chan Nai
Jacket – เสื้อแจ็คเก็ต Sua Jacket
Suit – ชุดสูท Choot Suit
Skirt – กระโปรง Grapong
Dress – ชุด Choot
Shoes – รองเท้า Rong Tao
Hat – หมวก Muag

Verbs for shopping

To go shopping – ไปซื้อของ Pai Seu Kong
To buy – ซื้อ Seu
To sell – ขาย Khai
To have – มี Mee
To look for – มองหา Mong Ha
To match – จับคู่ Jab Ku
To return – คืน Keun
To like – ชอบ Chob
To love – รัก Rak
To refund – คืนเงินให้ Keun Ngen Hai

Colors of clothes

White – สีขาว See Khao
Black – สีดำ See Dam
Yellow – สีเหลือง See Leuang
Orange – สีส้ม See Som
Red – สีแดง See Daeng
Green – สีเขียว See Khiao
Blue – สีฟ้า/สีน้ำเงิน See Fa/See Namngern
Gray – สีเทา See Thao
Pink – สีชมพู See Chompoo
Purple – สีม่วง See Muang
Brown – สีน้ำตาล See Namtaan
Silver – สีเงิน See Ngern
Gold – สีทอง See Thong

Thai size is not European (or US) size

One thing you will notice almost immediately once you start shopping for clothes in Thailand is that the sizes you may be used to back in your home country will appear different here. Most Thai people are generally slimmer and slightly shorter than Europeans and Americans, leading to different sizes being used. If you took pride in wearing an S size tank top, do not be offended if you have to look at an M, or sometimes even L size, to feel more comfortable. Overall, most shops offer changing rooms, where you can try various outfits before purchasing them.

Now that you’ve become an expert on the various clothing items, feel free to have a look at our previous episode where we talk about furniture in the Thai language.

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