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The guide to Thai language EP4: Animals of the world

by Theguidephuket
Animals - Teaser

Every month, the team of The Guide Phuket gathers some words and categories to help you learn the Thai language. This month, we are talking about the animals of the world.

Animals in Thai language

Dog – หมา Maa
Cat – แมว Maew
Rabbit – กระต่าย Gra Tai
Turtle – เต่า Tao
Mouse – หนู Noo
Cow – วัว Wuaa
Duck – เป็ด Ped
Chicken – ไก่ Gai
Horse – ม้า Maa
Sheep – แกะ Gae
Lion – สิงโต Sing Toh
Tiger – เสือ Seua
Panda – แพนด้า Panda

Elephant – ช้าง Chang
Monkey – ลิง Ling
Snake – งู Ngoo
Fox – จิ้งจอก Jing Jok
Wolf – หมาป่า Ma Pa
Crocodile – จระเข้ Jor Ra Kae
Hedgehog – เม่น Men
Bird – นก Nok
Deer – กวาง Kwang
Giraffe – ยีราฟ Yee Raf
Shark – ฉลาม Chalaam
Whale – วาฬ Waan
Dolphin – ปลาโลมา Pla Loma

Crab – ปู Poo
Octopus – ปลาหมึก Plaa Meuk
Jellyfish – แมงกะพรุน Maeng Ka Prun
Lobster – กุ้งมังกร Goong Mung Gorn
Spider – แมงมุม Maeng Moom
Butterfly – ผีเสื้อ Pi Seua
Ant – มด Mod
Bee – ผ้งึ Peung
Mosquito – ยุง Yoong
Gecko – จิ้งจก jing Jok
Bat – ค้างคาว Khang Khao

What is Thailand’s national animal?

The national animal of Thailand is the elephant (ช้าง), more particularly the Indian elephant (Elephas Maximus Indicus). The giant pachyderm has been an icon of the country for centuries, as it was used by the dynasties’ royal guards and by farmers who worked in the jungles. Nowadays, elephants are often used to provide tourists with an exciting ride, though we strongly recommend not taking part in it, and instead support the numerous conservation reserves, which protect elephants that have been abused by their handlers.

Now that you’ve become an expert on time, feel free to have a look at our previous episode where we talk about date & time in the Thai language.

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