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The guide to Thai language EP5: Family and greetings

by Theguidephuket
Thai Language - Family

Every month, the team of The Guide Phuket gathers some words and categories to help you learn the Thai language. This month, we are talking about family and casual greetings.

Family in Thai language

Father – พ่อ Poh
Mother – แม่ Mae
Parent – พ่อแม่ Por Mae
Grandpa (Father) – ปู่ Poo
Grandma (Father) – ย่า Ya
Grandpa (Mother) – ตา Ta
Grandma (Mother) – ยาย Yai
Son – ลูกชาย Look Chai
Daughter – ลูกสาว Look Sao
Young brother – น้องชาย Nong Chai
Old brother – พี่ชาย Pee Chai
Young sister – น้องสาว Nong Sao
Old sister – พี่สาว Pee Sao

Uncle – ลุง Loong
Aunt – ป้า Pa
Nephew – หลานชาย Laan Chai
Niece – หลานสาว Laan Sao
Cousins – ลูกพี่ลูกน้อง Look Pee Look Nong
Husband – สามี Samee
Wife – ภรรยา Pan Ra Ya
Grandson – หลานชาย Laan Chai
Granddaughter – หลานสาว Laan Sao
Relative – ญาติ Yaat
Son-in-law – ลูกเขย Look Khoey
Daughter-in-law – ลูกสะใภ้ Look Sapai

Greetings in Thai language

Hello – สวัสดี Sawasdee
How are you? – สบายดีไหม Sabai dee mai?
Nice to meet you! – ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัก Yindee Thi Dai Roujak
It is hot today. – วันนี้อากาศร้อน Wan Nee Aagard Ron
Where do you go? – คุณจะไปไหน Khun Ja Pai Nai?
Have you eaten yet? – กินข้าวหรือ ยัง Kin Khao Reu Yang?

The use of Khrap and Kha in your sentences

The words Khrap (ครับ) and Kha (ค่ะ) are particles that are generally used at the end of a sentence to denote a certain level of respect to the person you are talking to. The word Khrap is used exclusively by men while the word Kha is used by women. For example, if you are a male asking a stranger “how are you?”, you should say “Sabai Dee Mai Khrap” (สบายดีไหมครับ). A woman asking the same question, however, should say “Sabai Dee Mai Kha” (สบายดีไหมคะ). The gender of the person you are talking to is not relevant.

Now that you’ve become an expert on family and greetings, feel free to have a look at our previous episode where we talk about animals in the Thai language.

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