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An evening well-spent at Phuket’s Chillva Market

by Theguidephuket
Chillva Market - Teaser

Relatively new to Phuket’s market scene, Chillva Market opened its door in April 2016 and has since become one of the most populated markets in Phuket Town, providing residents of the Samkong neighborhood a place to eat and grab the best deals.

Made famous by the use of containers to host many of the eateries and bars available to the shoppers, Chillva Market is located on Yaowarat Road, in the Samkong area of Phuket Town. The open-air market is open from Monday to Saturday, from 5:00 pm onward.

During the first two days of the week, Chillva Market focuses on second-hand items, a great way to recycle and find clothing and other accessories at a cheaper price point, while the rest of the week is dedicated to the regular market.

Chillva Market - 001Right at the entrance, you will find several rows of tents, selling pieces of clothing such as dresses, T-shirts, and trousers, with a few tents dedicating their space to accessories. Prices start from THB 20 up, with a regular T-shirt costing you approximately THB 120.

In the center of the market lies the accessories section, as well as an open stage, where local musicians come to play the favorite Thai songs of the moment. A few seats are available for you to catch a break in between two shopping sprees.

The outer area of the market, where you’ll find the containers, is dedicated to food and beverage, with the bars concentrated in the northern section while the food outlets can be found in the southern part. Whether you choose to grab a local snack or sit down to enjoy a delicious Pad Thai or a pop-up Yakiniku, you will be impressed by the quality and good value those restaurants bring to their table. You will have to arrive before 7:00 pm though if you expect to find a seat, as the place is not just famous for shopping for clothes.

Chillva Market - 002Parking can be found at the back of the market, where they also organize some events in partnership with other companies, such as local airlines and banks. Similar to the market itself, the parking tends to fill in quickly, so you better arrive early or expect some delays in finding the right spot.

If you’re looking to visit a market or two during your stay in Phuket, then make sure to consider Chillva Market, as it offers a good alternative to the equally popular Naka Market (aka Weekend Market) and the Sunday market on Thalang Road; easy to access and packed with the locals, a good sign that they have been doing something right for the past three years.

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