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Saphan Hin, from dawn to dusk

by Theguidephuket
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Saphan Hin is a public park located on the southern end of Phuket Town and is known for hosting a fair share of local events. Whether it is an official celebration for the Thai Royal Family, a big concert or even the start and finish line of a marathon, all can be seen at Saphan Hin Park. But Saphan Hin is much more than just a venue to welcome events, it can simply be the perfect place for a fine day visit as well.

Starting off in the morning, Saphan Hin is certainly the best place to catch the first glimpses at Phuket’s sunrise. For the early birds, you should seize the opportunity to visit the cape of Saphan Hin, where the sea meets the town. The natural beauty of the golden sun reflecting on the water surface will provide you with a serene and calm vibe, perfect to kick off the day.

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After observing the sunrise and filling your lungs with fresh oxygen, you will find two Kanom Jeen shops, serving traditional Thai breakfast in Saphan Hin. Kanom Jeen are white rice noodles, served with a variety of curries to choose from, and include side dishes such as boiled eggs, Ho Mok (a spicy steamed fish in coconut milk paste wrapped in Pandan leaves), spicy fish cake and fried chicken.

There are few coffee shops as well that start their day early and serve hot baked pastries alongside nice cups of coffee or tea.
Once full, head down to the Pavilion of Admiral HRH Prince of Chumphon, known as Sadej Tia, which is open for both Thai and foreigners to pay their respect. Sadej Tia is the ‘Father of the Royal Thai Navy’ and one of HM King Rama V’s son. It is quite common for fishermen, Navy officials and employees working in the naval industry to carry an amulet representing Sadej Tia, which they believe will protect them.

Saphan Hin is a well-known picnic hotspot among locals. Grab your mat and favorite picnic set, and take your family, friends or partner to enjoy a well-deserved break where the sun rises. The long picnic area starts from the mangrove plantations on the ocean side all the way up to the Saphan Hin Chinese shrine.

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Adjacent to the picnic area, you will find a market full of delicious street food and drinks, such as fried or grilled chicken, crispy chicken skin, sausages, pork balls, coconut-rice pancake, fresh fruits, pork/chicken satay, grilled fish, potato chips, Thai crepe, known as Kanom Buang in the Thai language, or even a simple Thai meal, like jasmine steamed rice topped with omelet and your choice of stuffings.

Feeling full yet? A digestive walk overlooking the serene view of the Andaman Sea during the golden sunset hour and the fresh salty breeze will certainly take care of that. After all, it would be a shame to miss out on the beautiful landscapes Saphan Hin has to offer.

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