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Kata Karon Business Association signs sustainable MOU

by Theguidephuket
Kata Karon Sustainable MOU - Teaser

The Kata Karon Business Association signed a sustainable MOU, or Memorandum of Understanding, on November 5, 2019 at The SIS Kata Hotel, to improve some of the ecological aspects of running a resort on the island.

As Kata and Karon beach resorts continue to grow and become stronger in the eyes of Phuket’s tourism, the effects on the environment and pressure on the local community continue to increase in line with the increased number of visitors.

Kata Karon Sustainable MOU - 001The Kata Karon Business Association (which is made up of hotel and resort owners) understands and realizes that the golden sands of the beaches, the sea and the aquatic life are some of the main reasons why visitors from across the world visit the two beaches.

As of today, many Kata and Karon resorts and hotels have already won major awards (both national and international) for their continued efforts in regards to a sustainable future and environmental concerns.  This is something the Association is very proud of and will continue to strive to ensure that standards continually improve and maintain the already-in-place mechanisms. The Association in liaison with the Karon Municipality have created a project to both protect and take action to solve such issues under the name “Kata Karon Sustainable” Project.

Kata Karon Sustainable MOU - 003The memorandum’s priority objectives are as follow:

  1. To reduce the amount of garbage generated by hotels & resorts, local restaurants & bars, shops and the local community by:
    1. Reducing organic garbage by converting it into a usable fertilizer or biogas;
    2. Reducing non-recyclable trash to ‘ZERO’ by eliminating the use of foam containers and single use plastic materials. This year target is to reduce the use of plastic by 50% within the year end and 80% within 2020.
    3. Introducing training courses on how to manage dangerous garbage, for example batteries, light bulbs and so on.
  1. Manage smoking zones:
    1. To set up and enforce smoking areas along the beach fronts with suitable ashtrays to reduce garbage on the beaches;
    2. Encourage resorts and hotels guest rooms to be designated “Non-smoking” and introduce a ‘smoking on balconies and designated areas within a resort/hotel’.
  1. Take trash home:
    1. Encourages beach visitors to carry back any garbage which they generated whilst on the beach back to the hotels or their homes;
    2. Hotels and Tour Operators may helps the community by informing tourist about this project.
  1. Develop a project to clear the community canal and water supplies:
    1. A Campaign to motivate local restaurants to install grease traps in their establishments thus increasing the water quality before entering the community canal;
    2. A Campaign to motivate resort and hotels which currently are not recycling water or treating their water before entering the community canal.

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