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Pocari Sweat Phukethon 2020 marks the date with new normal standard

by Theguidephuket
Phukethon 2020 - Teaser

Today (August 28), the 4th renowned Phukethon has been announced for November 14-15 of this year, including the ‘new normal’ safety standard.

The meeting gatherd Phuket authorities, AAT (Athletic Association of Thailand), SAT (Sports Authority of Thailand), Thai Health Promotion Foundation, TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand), Asian Athletics Association and other individual businesses.

The registration starts from August 29 through www.facebook.com/Phukethon/ and limits the number of participants to 9,000 people, according to the new normal measure.

Phukethon 2020 - 002The two-day competition includes a 5 and 10-kilometer run on November 14, expecting 4,000 runners while on November 15, 5,000 are expected in the 21.1-kilometer run and the full 42.195-kilometer run.

The running event expects to generate over 150 million Baht revenue for the island, which is 50% less from last year.
The hygiene standard at the event will be done strictly upon arrival, such as mask wearing at the entrance and exit, the limited number of participants, releasing runner as waves to keep distance among runners, thermo scan check points, hand sanitizers across the event, drinking water only in bottles, food supply in closed package only, and more.

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