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Phuket Tourist Association launched the ‘Finally, We Meet Again’ exhibition

by Theguidephuket
Phuket Finally Meet Again - Teaser

Following the improvement of the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Phuket, the Phuket Tourist Association (PTA) officially opened the exhibition ‘Finally We Meet Again’ on July 17, 2020, at the Limelight Avenue Phuket Shopping Mall in Phuket Town, chaired by Phuket Vice Governor K. Pichet Panapong.

The exhibition is displayed from July 16 to 23, 2020, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. It shows the photographs from local artists that shot events during the pandemic and people who worked day and night during the crisis.

The stage announcer thanked everyone in Phuket who dedicated their normal life to stay at home to stop the spread of the disease and also thanked the working teams, including medical teams at hospitals and field hospitals, hospital staff, volunteers at field hospitals, and local officials, who all supported the work and its process.

Dr. Bussaya Santisan, Acting Director of Phuket Field Hospital, said that this crisis made them understand that being doctors is like being friends that would get through ups and downs together.

“We looked at the patients in the eyes, we saw them fight, their smiles, their tears, their faith, and their hope, and we will always think that they are our brothers and sisters.”

“Our success today cannot be allocated only to the medical teams; everyone fought this crisis together, including the patients and everyone who stayed at home. We respect your hearts. Thank you for being patient. It has been my honor to take care of all of you,” said Dr. Bussaya.

Meanwhile, K. Bhummikitti Ruktaengam, PTA President, said that the pandemic has been our first test, which Phuket passed. It led us to the idea of ‘Finally, We Meet Again’.

“The second test is for us all to recover both our minds and economy, which is today and now. As a representative, I would like to thank all sectors that have fought through the pandemic and will continue to do so. We will not stop and will try every way to make a living for all,” he said.

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