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Suzuki Phuket readies 35th its year and launches its ‘All New Suzuki Carry’

by Theguidephuket
Suzuki Phuket 35th Anniversary - Teaser

On November 30, 2019, S.U. Suzuki Phuket, located on Surin Road, in Phuket Town, under the management of S.U. Trading Co., Ltd., celebrated its 34th year of service and announced its readiness to moving forward to the 35th year.

The event was also set to launch the All New Suzuki Carry, which is a multi-purpose commercial pick-up truck, under the concept ‘Carry Your Dream’. Isuzu expects this car to be more than just a transportation truck but a key partner that leads the drivers to their success.

With a 1500 CC engine, 97 horsepower, a E20 oil tank, a brand new design with 945 kg loading capacity, comfortable passenger compartment with radio, MP3, adjustable seats and electric power steering, this All New Suzuki Carry is safer than ever before. ABS-lock wheels help prevent the tires from slipping when braking rapidly.

Back in 1986, Seagull Cottage Patong, which is one of Suwinai Upatising’s family businesses, bought 6 Suzuki Caribian jeeps to rent out at the hotel. Later, he got an offer to be the dealer of Isuzu in Phuket. He saw the opportunity to start the market here on the island so he accepted the offer. The business expanded to a full-on one-stop service under the company S.U. Trading Co., Ltd. in 1987. In 2012, Suzuki Motor (Thailand) started to manage the business and improved the system as well as the standards, before the S.U. Trading was rebranded to S.U. Suzuki Phuket.

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