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From Three Monkeys high-tea to Kan Eang @ Pier delightful dinner

by Theguidephuket
Three Monkeys Menu - Teaser

Before New Year, during the festive season, we were invited to explore the newest zone of Three Monkeys – one of the most popular and photogenic eateries in Phuket. This new zone, dubbed ‘Three Monkeys in Wonderland’ welcomed us with stunningly beautiful flowers, making the place looks like the other side of the rabbit’s hole from Alice in Wonderland.

The live band’s stage has been moved to this wonderland, allowing the diners to enjoy listening to the beats while observing the colorful flora alongside delicious cuisine. However, the guests can still relish the music from anywhere off the avenue. This new section also serves afternoon tea sets, which are perfect for a tranquil yet fabulous vibe. There are two sets on offer, including the Afternoon Champagne, which is a set of savory canapes and lovely desserts served alongside a bottle of Piper Heidsieck, and the Afternoon Tea, which is a classic high tea set offering list of interesting and delightful teas. The perfect afternoon spent at Three Monkeys!

Three Monkeys Menu - 003After spending the afternoon in the wonderland and snapping some selfies, we moved to the sister restaurant in Chalong – Kan Eang @ Pier that has been rock and rolling since 1973. This well-known avenue is located on a perfect location for lunch and dinner where you can observe the serene Chalong Bay with your delicious meal.

For the appetizer, we got served the very unique Phuketian menu – Beur Thod. This crispy munchie uses Ya Chong, or water onion, which is a rare local plant to meet with the original recipe. It is deep-fried with a flavorful flour to a golden crust around the whole shrimp. This outstanding dish was served with a homemade sweet and spicy red sauce. Another impressive starter was the Tiger Prawn sashimi. Simple but extraordinary, the fresh shellfish spoke for itself. Adding a bit of wasabi and Shoyu completed the dish with an indulging taste.

We started the entrée with a grilled king mackerel. The specialty of Kan Eang @ Pier recipe is that they use dried coconut shells instead of charcoal or wood while keeping a still temperature along the process, making the fish skin moist and tender. The grilled whole fish was served with tamarind sauce, which is the original recipe from the restaurant.

Kan Eang Menu - 001Following the grilled fish was another fish item – Ho Mok Pla Insee, which is a steamed fish in curry with coconut milk wrapped in banana leaves. The mellow taste combines spiciness, saltiness, and sweetness with a mouthful of fish meat in every bite. Served also as the main course was Gia Ban Tom Prade, which is a spicy clear soup with free-range chicken meat.

The unforgettable pair was the Pak Miang Pad Kai – baegu leaves stir-fried with egg, yet another impressive local dish, and Nam Prik Goong Siab – a chili paste that uses crispy shrimp mixed with shrimp paste, chili, shallot, garlic, and lime.

The Kan Eang @ Pier team also served us some delightful and picturesque cocktails, including a white sangria, which was served in a big jar, perfect for a group of friends or family, as well as the Pink Snow and the Fish Tank, which were both well-presented and delicious.

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