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Authentic Southern flavors at Ta Khai Restaurant in Patong

by Theguidephuket
Rosewood Ta Khai Relaunch - Teaser

Ta Khai can be translated as “fishing net”, a reference to the large pond where you can choose your favorite seafood and get it prepared just the way you like it by the team of talented Chefs running the open kitchen.

It was a clear, starry evening in the middle of November when the team of The Guide Phuket was invited to the re-opening of Ta Khai Restaurant, the flagship venue from Rosewood Phuket.

Located towards the end of Tri Trang Beach, on the southern part of Patong, you can access the restaurant through a separate entrance a few hundred meters down the road, alongside a private parking lot to keep your vehicle at bay.

Rosewood Ta Khai Relaunch - 007If I had to choose one word to represent the venue, I would go with “natural”, as you are surrounded by various plants and lush vegetation from the moment you set foot in the restaurant.

We found the perfect table right next to the large bar counter and the open kitchen, which was a great location to observe the employees working with their craft and passion, delivering an outstanding cuisine throughout the entire evening.

Ta Khai offers two main specialties to its guests; first, as mentioned earlier, diners can choose their favorite seafood from a fresh pond at the entrance, which is then being prepared just the way you like it and cooked to perfection. Second, the two Chefs behind the menu, Uncle Nun and Aunt Yai, have extensive knowledge of old southern Thai recipes and a love for aromatic flavors.

Rosewood Ta Khai Relaunch - 005We strongly recommend you to try their Moo Hong, a soy-braised pork belly with black pepper and garlic, and their Massaman Curry, made with beef cheeks, onions, potatoes, peanuts, and cumin. Both were strong contenders for the best dishes of the night.

From the sea, the Hor Mok Yang Pla Kapong, a grilled marinated seabass flavored with Thai herbs and wrapped in banana leaves, was simply sensational, and so was the crab curry with betel leaves!

Ta Khai a la carte menu is well-thought-of and comprehensive, but we suggest you take advantage of their tasting set menu, starting at THB 750 net per person, in order to fully comprehend the complexity of flavors that makes Southern Thai cuisine.

Whether for a romantic dinner or a night out with some friends, Ta Khai is a great option to discover Thai dishes you may not have been familiar with before, and a good starting point to explore the city that never sleeps after your meal.

Ta Khai Restaurant is located within the Rosewood Phuket on 88/28 Muen-Ngern Road, in Patong. For information and bookings, please call +66 76 356 888 or visit their website at www.rosewoodhotels.com/en/phuket/dining/ta-khai.

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