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Bebop or the house of Jazz

by Theguidephuket
Bebop House Jazz - Teaser

Three years ago, the night scene of Phuket Town expanded a little bit further with the arrival of Bebop, a venue that is now considered the mecca of Blues, Jazz and other funky music by its numerous patrons.

By definition, Bebop is a style of jazz created in the 40s that features fast tempo, complex chord progressions, and numerous changes of key and improvisation. This definition is also accurate to describe Bebop Live Music Bar, a fantastic venue that opened its door almost three years ago.

Bebop House Jazz - 001The decor is warm and inviting, with touches of red velvet and exposed bricks along the walls, reminding you that you are located within the historic part of Phuket Town. A row of sofas is available along the longitudinal wall, which is facing the central stage where the magic happens almost every night, as they are closed on Mondays.

Music is taken very seriously here, and K. Boy, the owner, has been playing the guitar and other instruments for as long as he can remember. The band itself usually gathers a drummer, guitarist, bassist, saxophonist or trumpet player, and a talented singer, and we strongly advise you to visit on a Thursday, when the whole band is complete and revisits the classic of Jazz music, as well as some more recent beats.

The bar is well-stocked and offers all the classic cocktails you can think of, as well as the traditional wines and fresh beers. They also provide you with a small snack section, in case you rushed to the place without having dinner, such as French fries and nuggets. The venue is notorious for filling fast, so it is quite common to arrive early in the evening in order to save a few seats.

Bebop House Jazz - 002Bebop Live Music Bar has become a strong pillar of the night scene community in Phuket Town and is certainly a place you should visit if you are looking for a great night out. Additionally, if you are playing an instrument yourself, feel free to grab a guitar or a pair of drums and ride along the musical journey for a couple of songs; after all, Bebop is all about the community.

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