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Best view at Phuket Andaman Camp

by Theguidephuket
Phuket Andaman Camp - Teaser

During the festive season when family and friends gather together, a good lunch or dinner with a view is one way to celebrate that special moment. Located high on the hill, on Chaofah Road, Andaman Camp offers a serene scenery of Phuket City and Chalong, serving flavorful local southern and Phuket cuisine.

We arrived at the restaurant at 5:00 pm so we could observe the sky changing color from blue to purple and pink before the sun slowly went down. The family-friendly avenue offers a wide range of local dishes with great quality ingredients.

Phuket Andaman Camp - 001We started with the Deep Fried Fish with Turmeric and Garlic. The fish was incredibly fresh. It’s crispy on the outer crust and tender inside and it was well-seasoned with the aromatic scent of the herbs; this dish is a perfect match with Nam Prik Goong Sod, which is a chili paste that combines shrimp paste with chili, garlic, lime, and shrimp meat served with fresh vegetables.

Another dish that goes well with the chili paste is Moo Sam Chan Kua Kluer. This dish consists of pork belly cut in bite-size and pan-roasted with fresh chili, garlic, and salt. Very simple but extraordinary in taste!

To balance up the proteins, we got served Pak Miang Pad Kai, which is stir-fried baegu leaves with egg. The mellow flavor blends well with other dishes.

Phuket Andaman Camp - 002The spicy curry at Andaman Camp is also unforgettable. We chose Gaeng Pa (which translates to Forestry Curry) with pork ribs, which is perfect for spicy food lovers like us. Gaeng Pa is a thick brown curry made of several kinds of spices without adding coconut milk. The curry brings spiciness from the bird chili and hotness from pepper, fingerroot, galangal and more. Apart from being outstanding and delicious, Gaeng Pa also contains a list of healthy ingredients perfect for the new healthy you!

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