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Chef’s Table at Day & Night of Phuket

by Theguidephuket
Day & Night Blackitch Dinner - Teaser

On November 25, 2020, Day & Night of Phuket, in collaboration with Blackitch Artisan Kitchen, presented a chef’s table dinner by Chef Black. The courses featured flavors of delicacies from the north meeting with the south of Thailand and were all impressive, especially when paired with well-selected wines.

Blackitch is a renowned restaurant in Chiang Mai, which has been listed in the Michelin Guide 2020, guaranteeing the pleasure in every bite.

To warm up the palate, Chef Black served us the Sand Crab Snack with Mala flavor. The sand crab is a rare shellfish that’s only available seasonally at Mai Khao Beach. On the side of these crispy sand crabs were the Rainbow Lobster with Stem and Marinated Tomato, which balanced well the crunchy texture.

Day & Night Blackitch Dinner - 002Next, we were served Smoked Giant Trevally with Peanut Praline and Basil. The smoke Chef used to aromatize the fish is a unique ‘candle fragrance’ that can be found in Thai desserts, giving the dish an interesting and pleasant note.

The Crab and Sea Flower with Rice Field Crab Miso were served beautifully at the table. The battered-fried Sea Flower is also a good representation of Phuket.

One of the highlights of the chef’s table was Phuket’s Moo Hong. This dish is a Pork Belly with Pomelo Salad. The melt-in-the-mouth Moo Hong got a great balance from the refreshing pomelo salad and blended well with the La Playa Estate Series Merlot.

Day & Night Blackitch Dinner - 003Adding a beautiful ending to the meal, a bowl of Black Fragrant Rice Cake with Coconut Mousseline Cream, Coconut Sablés, Cacao Nib, and Cashew Nuts. A unique dessert to complete this unforgettable dining experience!

Day & Night of Phuket is located on Dibuk Road, in Phuket Town. For more information about their upcoming events, please call +66 76 219 788 or visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/dayandnightphuket.

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