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Siray Bay’s hidden gem at Had Pleum Suk

by Theguidephuket
Had Pleum Suk Restaurant - Teaser

If you ask the locals about Had Pleum Suk Restaurant, they would most likely recognize the place immediately and would tell you they had been there since their childhood with their family. This local eatery may not be very famous among tourists (both Thai and international) and expats but for the natives of Phuket, it is somewhat of an institution.

Located on the beach front of Phuket’s east coast, Had Pleum Suk offers a serene view and peaceful vibe as the beach is quite untouched.

Fresh ingredients are at the core of their business. The seafood is bought from fishermen from the Siray Bay area daily and red meat dishes are marinated fresh every day, too.

Had Pleum Suk Restaurant - 001During our recent visit, we tried some of their star dishes, including the Gaeng Som Pla Krapong [Gaeng Som with Sea Bass] – The fish is impressively fresh making the texture perfect with the curry. The paste they use to cook Gaeng Som is rich and tasteful making the curry so delicious.

Pla Meug Kai Neung Manao [Steam Squid with Spicy Chili and Lime Sauce] – This is another favorite of ours. The freshly-caught squid comes with yummy eggs inside steamed with their spicy and sour sauce. The aroma of fresh chili and lime makes this menu so outstanding.

Had Pleum Suk Restaurant - 002Ko Moo Yang [Grilled Pork Neck] – The tender pork neck is marinated so well and made fresh every day at the restaurant. Pairing it with the spicy Jaew sauce with the scent of roasted rice is perfect!

Finally, the Pu Tod Kratiam [Crab Stir-fried with Garlic] – The sweetness of the fresh crab meat can be tasted through every bite. The simple recipe with crispy garlic and chili makes the fresh crab shines very beautifully.

Had Pleum Suk is located on Thepprathan Road, in Siray Bay, and is open daily from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm. For more information and bookings, please call +66 81 891 7858 as advance reservations are more than recommended.

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