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Kanomjeen Saphan Hin

by Theguidephuket
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Kanomjeen is an all-day local cuisine. The glossy white and soft rice noodle comes with several choices of curry that offer a wide range of taste and spiciness with different proteins to choose from.

Kanomjeen Saphanhin is one of Phuket’s legend and has been rocking the industry since 1989. It is located in Phuket’s central park – Saphan Hin – making it easy to find with a large parking space.

The lofty eatery with breezy design features the unique Alex Face’s ‘Baby Mardi sliding from the renowned Mining Monument. The place is also reorganized for physical distancing and good hygiene standards to ensure safety to all diners.

Kanomjeen Saphan Hin - 001At the entrance, you will find a stall offering local Thai snacks like banana and sweet potato fritters that are served hot in golden crust all day long. Passing the munchies, there will be a long counter with plenty of curries to choose from.

Gaeng Pu is one of the most popular curries of all time. The whole crab sweetens up the curry while the coconut milk and curry paste offers a mild spicy taste that blends well with the noodle. Gaeng Keao Wan Gai is a famous green curry made using tender chicken meat; its great mellow taste with its unique aroma is exceptional. Among others, Gaeng Tai Pla may sound the most adventurous for non-locals but its taste is something not to be missed! The thick curry with mixed spices, fish meat, bamboo shoot, sweet potato, and other vegetables can guarantee some sweats and surely impresses your palate.

On the other hand, Nam Prig is the mildest in terms of spiciness. The ground peanuts mixing with coconut milk calm down the spiciness of the curry while making it full-flavored. Adding some shrimp meat, dry shrimp, and other spices, this is dish is perfect for kids and low-intensity eaters. Meanwhile, Nam Ya Pla is probably the most classic curry to go with Kanomjeen noodles. The curry uses fish meat puree with coconut-based curry giving an impressive, rounded taste.

Kanomjeen Saphan Hin - 002On the side, Kanomjeen Saphanhin serves a big tray of fresh and clean vegetables to balance up in every bite. Ho Mok is another star on the side. It is steamed fish meat in coconut paste wrapped in banana leaf. It gives mild spicy flavor with rich savor.

Kanomjeen Saphanhin opens daily from 8:30 am till 7:00 pm and is available for dining as well as Grab Food delivery.

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