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Let’s Meat for some feast!

by Theguidephuket
Let's Meat - Teaser

Since the pandemic started, we must admit it has been a while since we were truly excited by something, anything really. That is until we heard of a new restaurant opening its doors in Phuket Town. And not just any restaurant, but a steakhouse nonetheless!

Let’s Meat Bar & Grill is a brand new steakhouse located on Phang Nga Road, in the heart of the old Phuket Town. Being located in the old town means a lot from an architectural standpoint, and we were pleased to see that the venue kept the original walls, playing only with lights and subtle black & white paintings, representing an era when steaks were all it mattered.

Let's Meat - 001At the entrance, you will be welcome with a reasonably large salad bar, complete with olives, tomatoes, pasta, lettuces, onions, soups, and more, which is included in the steak price or can be accessed separately for THB 149.- per person.

While the restaurant serves a selection of pasta and pizzas to please all palates, we have to focus this review on what really matters here: the amazing proteins!

The menu is very simple to use; choose your favorite protein, from a selection including classics like beef tenderloin, ribeye, sirloin, and the sensational Wagyu ribeye, all imported from Australia, pick a side, your favorite sauce, and voila! In addition to the perfectly-cooked beef, you can choose other proteins like pork, chicken, salmon, or shrimps.

Let's Meat - 002While you wait for the talented Chefs to cook your meal to your liking, feel free to visit the buffet for a refreshing salad or a soup, while the staff and owners will ensure you receive their complimentary appetizer: Italian Prosciutto and Gouda cheese, a wonder to accompany their large wine selection and delicious cocktails.

A dinner at Let’s Meat Bar & Grill is a fantastic experience if you fancy eating meat, or simply want to enjoy the charm of Phuket old town for an evening out with your friends or family.

Let’s Meat Bar & Grill is located on 33 Phang Nga Road, in Phuket Town. The restaurant is open from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, closed on Mondays. For information and bookings, please call +66 91 826 2194.

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