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A tale of flavors and gastronomy at Nitan Restaurant

by Theguidephuket
Nitan Restaurant - Teaser

Surrounded by a lovely garden located within the Baan Wana complex in Cherng Talay, Nitan is a pleasure for all senses serving delicate cuisine inspired by the best recipes from France and Thailand.

Upon entering the establishment, we met with the Executive Chef, Mr Sariwat Wanvichitkhun, also known as Earth, who decided to open his own fine-dining restaurant after several spent with the two-star Michelin restaurant Mezzaluna.

We decided to try out their 4-course menu, though the venue also serves a la carte if you prefer to pick and choose. The first dish was the Blue Crab. a well-designed plate served with an apple and cucumber jelly. This mouthwatering dish will trigger your appetite to the next level as the fresh crab meat pairs well together with the mango slices, pickled olives and sun-dried tomatoes.

Nitan Restaurant - 002The second dish we tried was the Tiger Prawn, a menu that provided us with a whole new vision of the classic Tom Yum Goong. A fresh tiger prawn confit in aromatic oil tucked in a creamy Tom Yum sauce and a shrimp cream foam. It was such a creative dish that left us with a positive impression up until the very last bite.

The main course was the Chicken Breast, a caramelized grilled chicken packed with tenderness and cooked to perfection. The dish continued to amaze us thanks to a creamy white Hollandaise sauce and the use of local ingredients normally reserved for desserts, such as Look Choak, which gives an additional punch of texture to the meal. I have to salute them for their fearlessness on experimenting with this dish and how they presented the dish for us to try.

Nitan Restaurant - 003After three amazing savory dishes, it was time for the desserts, where we experienced Guava, a menu inspired by fermented guava in white chocolate mousse with bread crumbs underneath, as well as the Thai Banoffee, a pandora that does not come into the shape of a square box but a coconut shell. This sweet creamy and smooth banoffee, not too sweet, with salted caramel and a pendant jelly at the bottom like a hidden gem.

Nitan’s menu changes with the season, so that every time you visit, you’ll get the chance to discover new, amazing food!

Nitan is located on 177/38 Srisoontorn road, in Cherng Talay, on the road that leads to the Heroines Monument. The restaurant is open from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm, closed on Sundays. For information and bookings, please call +66 65 683 0432 or visit their Facebook page at https://web.facebook.com/nitanphuket.

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