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A vegan experience at DiLite Restaurant

by Theguidephuket
DiLite Vegan Food - Teaser

We recently had the opportunity to try the vegan lunch buffet at DiLite restaurant, at Thanyapura, which specializes in plant-based cuisine and avoids all animal-related products, including dairy and honey, while using great choices of seasoning, such as coconut nectar and Himalayan pink salt.

The buffet line was full of surprises, starting with a tasty selection of flax seed and walnut bread and buckwheat bread alongside a salad offering, including a power salad, consisting of sweet potato, quinoa, seeds and nuts with some radish and purple cabbage, and a Thai style spicy salad. This bowl reminded us of the classic Som Tum, replacing the papaya with cognac noodles mixed with stripes of carrot, tomatoes, long beans, fresh chili, and garlic. Adding to those two were the vegan sushi and salad Caprese, with slices of tomato and vegan mozzarella, topped with pesto sauce.

DiLite Vegan Food - 001Another jaw-dropping menu from DiLite restaurant was their cheese platter. The vegan selection of cheese consisted of Green gouda cheese, made of almond milk and cannellini beans, and a vegan Pepper Jack cheese, made with a mix of cashews and other seasoning and spices. The cheeses were served with dried, crispy fruits.

After trying out the cold side of the buffet, we discovered a warmer and orient-inspired menu with the Vietnamese style Pho, as well as Thai inspired dishes like Tofu and Mushroom in Panaeng curry that can be paired with Gaba rice and sided with roasted baby corn with chili and coriander. The baked sweet potato wedges spiced with turmeric powder, fennel seeds, and garlic were simple but very pleasing. There were also some vegan mini burgers, where the beef was replaced by highly nutritious black bean and sunflower seeds.

DiLite Vegan Food - 002Finally, a nice selection of seasonal fresh fruits and healthy desserts were served to clean the palate.

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