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Amatara Heavenly Hammam

by Theguidephuket
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Relish your body and soul in the world’s earliest Thai Hammam that blends traditional Moroccan and Turkish style Hammam with wisdom of the authentic touch of Thai healing arts at Amatara Resort & Wellness who brought the heaven of relaxation to the earth.

With the stunning pastel blue ocean of Panwa Cape playing a role of panoramic backdrop at Amatara Spa, you will be warmly welcomed at its lobby by their professional staff who explain the information and prepare you to the long indulging journey.

A walking distance from the beautiful lobby, your personal therapist will lead you to their cozy changing room. The exquisite interior along the way can gently bring peace to your mind.

Amatara Spa - 001Getting in the luxury Thai Hammam room, you will be pleasantly greeted by the lavishly stunning decoration influenced from Moroccan and Turkish arts combining with elegance Asian modern style reflecting gentleness and a sense of wisdom referred to in the cascading mosaics, modern, clean geometry, and gold-colored Turkish fittings and accompaniments.

First up, your body will get warmed up and stimulated in sauna room for about ten minutes where you can sweat out and clear your pores.

After a good ten minutes of sauna, it’s a quick rain shower that will lead you to the neighboring steam room with relaxing aroma of herbs where your epidermis, pores as well as your lungs can get cleaned.

Stepping in the Hammam magical area where its mandatory warmth and wet gives you a great spa result, you will be leaning down on the beautiful heated ceramic bed when the therapist starts massaging their unique and purely natural product “Black Soap” from Morocco that helps eliminate bad epidermis and softens skin before returning to the steam room which helps making the Black Soap works even more efficiently.

Getting back on the Hammam bed, your skin will be rubbed by their Kessa glove which deeply exfoliates bad cuticle and rejuvenates newborn skin. The relaxing ritual continues with join and pleasure among a soft sound of peaceful melodies.

Amatara Spa - 002To get your pores closed tight after the great cleanse is to wipe some ice along your body. At this point, you can already feel the difference, the obvious soft and smooth touch on skin.

The new baby skin is born. Now, it’s time for pampering and nourishing. There are two types of treatments including therapeutic natural thermal mud with Ghassoul and a 7 herb clay from Morocco or High mineral therapeutic Hungarian Moor Mud for different skin types. Taking a cup of mud into a mild hot steam room and get yourself covered by the great treatment the earth has to offer.

To complete the full course therapy, you will be brought into a salt cave that wonderfully uses Himalayan Sea Salt as its wall. Sit, chill and let all the stress go, breathe in the pure natural salt in the air that effectively helps cleans and enhance your lungs. After all, The Thai Hammam Experience ends with a signature massage from Amatara for the ultimate relaxation.

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