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Stay by the pool of Acasia Pool Villas in Chalong

by Theguidephuket
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Acasia Pool Villas is conveniently located on Soi Chao Fa 49, less than 1.5 kilometers away from Chalong Circle, an area which offers a great mix between locals and expatriates and provides you with tranquil surroundings, with easy reach to a variety of activities and sightseeing, such as the Big Buddha and Wat Chalong.

The alley of Acasia Pool Villa is connected to the route to Big Buddha Mountain, which offers a quality environment with peace and fresh air.

Acasia Pool Villas - 003Entering the lovely pool villa, you will be absorbed by the calmness of the warm design and decoration of the house. The Balinese-inspired, minimalist architecture allows for plenty of space to breathe. The wide living area comes with a cozy sofa facing the topaz blue pool with the gray, stone-color flooring and surrounded by floras making the swimming time like a stay in nature.

Acasia Pool Villas - 001The villa is perfect for a couple to spend quality time together as well as for a group of friends and family to hang out as there is a fully functioned kitchen that offers stoves, exhaust hood, washing sink, a medium-size refrigerator alongside dining sets and cupboards so, light up the candles and make this an evening to remember with your special one(s)!

There are two bedrooms in the villa; one is situated behind the living space with separate bathroom and a sliding door so you can choose to join the rest of the house or make some privacy in your own room. Another room is the master bedroom with wider space and the full view of the pool, huge shower area, big closet along the walkway, make-up table, working table and of course, a dreamily soft bed.

Acasia Pool Villas - 002Rise and shine in the morning when you open the curtain to find the crystal clear blue pool a few steps away with the tropical sun rays of Phuket. Spend the delightful moments with your better half peacefully or find lots of activities to do around then come back to the private, beautiful home away from home and enjoy dipping the afternoon away with some refreshments, then end it with a homemade romantic dinner together. This sums up a recharging holiday quite well!

For more information about this hotel, please visit www.acasiapoolvillas.com or give them a call at +66 95 260 4910.

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